Silk business cards, 2019


SILK is a company creating sustainable fashion, with a focus on contemporary linen loungewear.

Soft, pastel colours with considered use of negative space represents and matches their relaxing, designs and loungewear inspired by water.

Silk gif, 2019


The Speech School

The Speech School is an online program based in Toronto that teaches effective public speaking and communication skills to children. This educational company asked me to update their logo, branding and new brand guidelines.

Through the creation of a shield illustration combined with curtains, I made a new logo that is contemporary and updated. The goal was to represent The Speech School in a more modern way that also reflected their professionalism and quality. 


Poster, 2019

Pull Up Banner, 2019


FLORA Flower Studio

FLORA is a flower shop that provides customers with beautiful flowers and has it's own minimalist, natural, pastel style when you enter the store. They wanted their logo to reflect their already existing shop decor with a modern take.


Slavic Traditions

Slavic Traditions is a fashion company creating luxury watches. For their logo it was important to showcase the premium quality of their watches while incorporating slavic culture. The symbol above the logo represents a powerful slavic god of air while being simple and eye-catching. Through the choice of black and white and minimal font, the logo will easily stand out behind the watch face.

Logo for Slavic Traditions, 2019

Maki Sushi Logo

Logo for a sushi restaurant with a playful yet sophisticated feel. The chopsticks reaching out to pick up the maki sushi relates to the name of the restaurant, but also ties together the type of food the restaurant sells. A dark green for seaweed and soft orange nicely matches the restaurant's interior design which includes many types of plants.

logo for Maki Sushi, 2019


Black & White For Sale Sign

For this real estate sign the client was interested in utilizing black and white in a sophisticated manner. They asked for an elegant font which I used to display their name and I continued the theme throughout.

Black & White Real Estate For Sale Sign, 2019

Lettering & Illustrations

Lettering, 2019

Lettering, 2019

Moon Illustration, 2019


Solaris Book Cover

Photography book cover that features poetry and photographs from Toronto artists that make work based on shadows and light.

Book cover, 2019

Album Cover for YS

Debut album for YS. A monochromatic colour scheme to match the theme of the songs that are based on blue hour, the period of twilight when indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue shade.

Album cover, 2019

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