OSEA is a jewelry company with designs that incorporate water motifs, such as wave-shaped pendants or water droplet earrings.

Soft, pastel colours with considered use of negative space coincides with their relaxing designs inspired by water. 

GIF, 2023

Business Card, 2023



8.5" x 11", 2023

A printed photography book featuring poetry and photographs from artists that make work based on shadows and light.

Printed Brochure

8.5" x 11", 2023

Yearly publication of capabilities, offerings and confidential transactions. 

Updated to a new look in 2023, light blue with more negative space. Using vibrant, abstract images with architectural visuals and Canadian cities.

Poster Design

8.5" x 11", 2022

Logo Design

Slavic Traditions

Watch logo, 2019

Slavic Traditions is a luxury watch brand. For their logo it was important to showcase the premium quality of their watches while incorporating slavic culture. The symbol above the logo represents a powerful slavic god of air while being simple and eye-catching. The important part of this logo design was the typeface. I chose a modern geometric sans serif with characteristics of Scandinavian design. The choice of black and white font with added kerning, stands out on the watch face.


The Speech School

The Speech School is an online educational program based in Toronto that teaches effective public speaking and communication skills to children. The company asked me to update their logo, branding and guidelines.

The shield in the logo represents strength while the curtains have been pulled back like a stage. The goal was to represent The Speech School in a more modern way that also reflected their professionalism. 

Poster, 2019

Banner, 2019

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